Know When Your Transmission Needs Work To Avoid A Complete Failure

The transmission on your vehicle can last up to 200,000 miles, or about seven years. When you pay attention to transmission problems, you can help prevent a complete transmission failure. A transmission rebuild is done when parts of your transmission have failed. New transmission installations are generally only done on new vehicles, unless the complete transmission has failed. The transmission is responsible for providing the right amount of power to your wheels as needed and controls the direction of your wheels. You will notice problems with shifting, picking up speed, or delayed engagement if there is something wrong with your transmission. If your car is not driving like normal and you suspect the transmission, call a mechanic.

Problems With Delayed Engagement

Delayed engagement means you put your car into gear and it doesn't start going right away. This can be subtle and hard to notice, or you might have your car delayed for a second or more. You might need to have transmission fluid in your vehicle changed, or the problem could be that part of your transmission has failed. Get your transmission serviced when there is delayed engagement to avoid further issues with your transmission.

You Can't Pick Up Speed

If you notice that your vehicle doesn't pick up speed fast enough, a number of problems can be present. Issues with your exhaust system can cause your car to struggle with acceleration, as can condensation in your gas tank. When you aren't able to get up to speed like normal, the transmission might also be the problem.

Your Car Struggles to Change Gears

Gear changes should be smooth. When you are driving an automatic vehicle, you can still feel when your vehicle is changing gears. If your car doesn't go into the correct gear and is straining at higher speeds, the transmission may need some work. You might hear grinding noises as your car changes gears.

There are a number of indications that your transmission is having problems. You might find a pink or red fluid beneath your vehicle, an indication that you are leaking transmission fluid. Once you don't have enough transmission fluid in your vehicle, it is not going to work correctly. If you ignore the leak, you are going to burn out your transmission. When you get a leak repaired, you are going to be able to extend the life of your transmission. When you need transmission work, get your car serviced as soon as possible.

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